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        Welcome to Baby Care Services. Baby Care Services is based in Nothern California. Here at Baby Care Services we try to provide the best in Adult Baby sitting. We want to give the best experience that money can buy without breaking someone's wallet. We are here to make you feel as babyish as possible, In a loving and caring invironment.

   Baby Care Services shares the space with the Nursery And Breakfast. The Nursery And Breakfast has a nursery with 2 adult size cribs. Makes for the best enjoyment. We really want you to feel like an kid again.

     Our site now has a brand new Message board and chat service free to be used by all of Baby Care Services guests. To view the board and chat room just click on the link on the upper left of any page on the site. We hope you enjoy the new addition.

     Our baby sitting services we offer are only for thoes over the
    age of 21. We ask you to fill out an application to tell us what you
    want during your session. We will try to provide as much as we
  can to make your time and money worth it. Pretty much the only things we don't do is poopy diapers, enima's and any sexual activites. Pretty much we do everything else within reason.

      So we hope you decide to use our services and that they make you feel like a kid again. Hope to hear from you soon.

                                                       ATTENTION BABIES,

                                                              This is Stanley, Pam's AB. I am
                                                       so sad to report that at around 7PM
                                                       on February 4th 2005 Mommy Pam
                                                       died of a heart attack. I have been
                                                       going over it again and again
                                                       whether or not I should take down
                                                       this site. But I think I am going to
                                                       leave it up with all the resources
                                                       she has on it. I will be trying to update it as often as I can and keep up what services she was offering the best I can. You are welcome to use what services that are still active all you wish. If you need to contact me for questions or anything you can e-mail me at and I will try to do my best to answer them the best I can. It may take awhile for a response due to I run my own site. So please be patient. Thank you all.